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If you’re on the hunt for a private dental practice in Sutton Coldfield, then look no further than Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic.

We believe our bespoke treatments and personalised care set us apart from other dental practices in Sutton Coldfield. We go beyond looking after your oral health, as we also focus on the aesthetics and confidence that come with a radiant smile.

Private Dental Care Sutton Coldfield

Perhaps the biggest difference between private and conventional dentistry is the focus on preventative care. There’s no escaping the fact that preventing dental problems is much easier than fixing them, which is why we provide our patients with everything they need to maintain their oral health. Our membership options entitle patients to routine dental checks, regular deep tooth cleaning, and professional advice. This works to avoid the need for treatments in the future, which ultimately saves our patients time and money.

Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic is also home to cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques, which allow us to produce superior outcomes. From our smile design software to our intraoral scanners, this technology enables us to provide patients with precise diagnoses, streamline their treatment, and boost their comfort levels.

Cosmetic Dental Service Sutton Coldfield

It’s our mission to not only improve your oral health but also give you a smile you’re happy with. This is why we offer a number of treatments, including Boutique Whitening. This works to erase stains and discolouration from your teeth’s surface to leave you with a brighter and more youthful smile. Before you embark on your Boutique Whitening journey, we’ll assess your teeth and gum health during a consultation to determine whether the treatment is suitable for you. If we’re happy with the results, we’ll take a digital scan of your mouth, and you can collect your lab-constructed whitening custom trays and Boutique Teeth Whitening gel in two weeks.

In addition to Boutique Whitening, we provide dental implants, which work to conceal imperfections like chipped, cracked, or missing teeth. When we make your dental implants, we ensure that they match the shape, size, and shade of your natural teeth.
Similarly, we offer clear aligner treatment, which allows you to transform your smile over time with minimally invasive treatment. Whether you wish to enhance symmetry or restore proportion, we can make it happen with clear aligner treatment.

Aesthetic Dental Sutton Coldfield

At Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic, we’re not just about smiles. We also offer services that create facial balance and symmetry to enhance your appearance and maintain a natural look. This includes non-surgical facial aesthetics, like Botox and fillers, which eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Since dentists have a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy and how the muscles work, we’re well-equipped to carry out this work.

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If you’re based in Sutton Coldfield or the surrounding areas and you’re in need of a dental practice, look no further than Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic.

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