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At age 15 Sophie hated her ‘wonky’ teeth and found it was stopping her from smiling. She went for Invisalign and loved the fact  the brace was invisible so she wasn’t conscious of it in school. 

Sophie was very impressed with how quick and easy it was to straighten her teeth (only 4 months) compared to her friends who had fixed braces for 2-4 years. 

Mum feels Sophie’s confidence has grown hugely after her treatment and she is now constantly laughing, smiling and joking.

New to the Practice, they were unhappy with their previous dentist with their organisation, service and level of treatment. Being unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, they underwent Invisalign treatment. 

They were very impressed here with the organisation within the Practice, the care from the team and the latest technology we have on site. 

Giles and Helen found the Invisalign process easy and loved Dr Anand’s “diligence, patience and perfectionism”, and now cant stop smiling. 

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Danny was scared of the dentist and had no confidence in his smile due the appearance of his teeth. He came to us based on the reviews online and immediately felt comfortable from his first visit.

He decided to have Invisalign and loved Dr Anand’s and the teams calm and reassuring nature throughout the treatment. Now he loves having his photo taken and is “front and centre when its time to take a selfie”.

Stuart was referred to us from his regular dentist. He came to us initially for dental implants for missing teeth at the back of his mouth as he was struggling to eat properly on that side of his mouth. 

To get the best result Stuart also needed his teeth straightened to give him the right ‘bite’ and allow him to clean his teeth properly. He found us professional and was impressed with our ability to come up with the solutions to his problems. 

Having been able to have Invisalign and dental implants under ‘one roof’ and working together as a team has made having both of the treatments “seamless”. He can now eat and smile all day long.

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Juanita went to a number Practices before coming to us for her dental implants. Having lost 2 teeth she was now struggling to eat evenly on both sides of her mouth. She liked how “genuinely medical, non-salesy and how professional we were”. 

She loved the clarity and explanation of her treatment plan which allowed her to feel in control of each stage of her treatment both in terms of what to expect at each appointment along with the costs. 

Being impressed with the attention of detail and level of aftercare we gave her she decided to have Invisalign at the same time, and found that by working as a team we could provide both treatments simultaneously and seamlessly. She couldn’t be happier with the appearance of her new smile and having a full complement of teeth.

Grace came to us as she felt we were the best in the area for her and her family. With her time with us she has had 2 dental implants and found the treatment “pain free” and feels that the implants “feel like natural teeth”.

She felt safe and reassured throughout her treatment with us, and feels confident with her teeth and is now “stress free”.

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Luke joined our Practice because of the Team and the skill set we have as a group. He struggled with any public speaking, talking in groups and socialising because of the way his front teeth looked.

He has had 4 new teeth at the front of his mouth supported by implants which has “transformed his life”. Luke found the treatment “pain-free” and can now smile and talk to people without feeling self conscious.

Christina has been with us for over 30 years. She has never liked the appearance of her front teeth and was also missing a couple of teeth at the back of her mouth making it difficult to eat.

Christina has had porcelain veneers and dental implants to enhance her smile and allow her to eat properly again. She found the treatment “pain-free and relaxing” and even feel asleep at one point!

Now she cant stop smiling and loves the feeling of having all her teeth back.

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Barry was referred from his regular dentist for dental implants. He came with 4 broken teeth that needed to be removed, and replaced with dental implants.

Barry was impressed with the while treatment process and the fact it was completely “painless”.

He is now enjoying the confidence of being able to ‘eat different things’ without the fear of something breaking.

He has found the manner and approach from Dr Jain and the team put him at ease instantly and has been consistent throughout.

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