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Would you benefit from straighter teeth

At the Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic in Sutton Coldfield, braces and other treatments for straightening crooked and uneven teeth are available to all our patients. Misaligned teeth, especially at the front of the mouth, can make many people feel awkward about smiling and speaking.

We think this is a terrible shame! Your self-confidence can be returned with a simple orthodontic treatment at the Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic. Using the accredited process of Invisalign braces in Sutton Coldfield, you can have crowded teeth realigned to bring back your smile and renew your confidence for good!

Dental history and superstitions

Dentistry has been around for thousands of years, predating even the earliest medical texts. Surgical and dental implements are known from the Roman period, including a matching set of ten silver instruments, which was sold at auction in London in 1980.

The Ancient Greek philosopher and scientist, Aristotle, describes a dental forceps made for extracting diseased teeth. However, he also believed that men had more teeth than women.

Another famous Greek physician, Galen, who was himself troubled by toothache, understood that saliva was used for breaking down food in the mouth, although he also thought that human saliva could rapidly destroy scorpions! A recent archaeological discovery of an Iron Age woman’s grave in Northern France revealed the earliest known dental implant in all of Western Europe.

How can I find out more about braces in Sutton Coldfield?

The Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic offers a full consultation, treatment and aftercare service for our patients. Clear braces are part of a six-month programme to improve the alignment of adult teeth and are perfectly suited for those patients who want to maintain their appearance during the treatment.

A professional examination using detailed photography and X-rays may be necessary to assess your needs. Customised brackets and wires are produced to fit your mouth comfortably and precisely. We are on hand to give you all the necessary information you require to make decisions about your dental aims. To find out if you are suited to this procedure, please call our practice for an appointment or use our online booking system on the website.

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