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The Road to Recovery

To Our Dear and Valued Patients.

We would like to start by expressing our deepest condolences to those of you that have lost loved ones during this time

We sincerely hope this newsletter/blog post finds you well, and you and your loved ones are both physically and mentally safe and well. We would like to start by expressing our deepest condolences to those of you that have lost loved ones during this time.

We have had patients and colleagues that have unfortunately lost family members due to COVID-19. Our patients and team members are like family to us and this news saddens us and our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to us, your Dental Care Family. It was lovely to read the responses we received from our last video message, hearing about how you have been spending your time during lockdown.

Most of us seem to be busy in the garden, and also taking up old hobbies again, such as painting, writing poetry and playing a musical instrument. The hardest part seems to be not being able to see the grandchildren along with friends and family. This has been the same for us, as well as not being about to see you physically at this time.

There is some light though on the horizon

There is some light though on the horizon. There is good evidence to suggest the peak of the virus has now passed, and we can start to think about and plan the road the recovery and life after this pandemic.

We are working closely with our management team, in putting in place strategies for our return to work, in whatever capacity it might be and when this might be. Please be reassured that the health and safety of our patients and our team members is paramount to us, and all our strategies will have this at their heart.

It is still unclear what provisions we will need to adhere to once the Practice is unpaused and when this might be. We are keeping abreast of any new guidance that is released and using this to tailor our road to recovery. By having various strategies in place, will allow us to move quickly once the final guidance has been provided by the government.

As we have always done historically, we are prepared and ready to respond actively and positively to any new government guidance, and to make changes needed within the Practice, to ensure the upmost safety of our patients and team members at all times.

Our determination to help is unwavering. We continue to support the local community and this week, Louise and Aneece, delivered PPE and homemade cupcakes (made by us all) to the nursing staff at Wyndley Nursing Home.

helped over 150 of our members with advice, antibiotics and temporary fillings kits

My wife and I continue to provide our emergency service 7 days a week from 9.30am to 8pm, and have now helped over 150 of our members with advice, antibiotics and temporary fillings kits. Our team have also personally called over 1800 of our members to ‘check-in’ with them to see if they are well and if need any help during this time.

We have also recorded 14 videos now, available on our website and on our social media channels, with helpful advice on managing your oral health during this time. If you require urgent treatment that cannot be managed with antibiotics and painkillers, we can now refer to an urgent treatment centre in the local area for treatment.

We would like to ensure you that although your appointments might not be 6 months apart, the Practice will endeavour to ensure all patients get the right number of appointments in a 12 month period once the COVID-19 situation is under control and the Practice can resume working normally.

We will be extending our working hours once we are fully operational, to help accommodate these appointments. If for whatever reason this is not possible or inappropriate, we will add the “value” of your missed appointment(s) to your account, which can be used as credit against any treatment you may require, whitening or oral hygiene products.  

Please note these benefits can only be made available to patients with an active membership with the Practice, and once we are fully operational, our priority will be to serve these patients first to ensure they have received the full benefits of their membership.

Regrettably if patients don’t have an active membership, when we are fully operational, we feel it would be unlikely to gain an appointment within 3 months, as active members will take top priority.

Your continued support, commitment, kind words over the phone, email replies, cards and social media posts are truly humbling and gives us immense determination to help in any way we can.

Please stay safe and together we will get through this!

Best Wishes

Puneet and Sheetal Jain & The Team at Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic

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