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To Our Dear and Valued Patients

As we enter our 6th week in “Lockdown” we wanted to start by sincerely thanking all the Key Workers around the country, and those within our DCP Family for their valiant, brave and heroic efforts during this time.

A number of our patients are Key Workers, and 2 of our Clinicians, Mr Graham James and Prof Sunny Khamby, are working on the front line in hospitals in the West Midlands. You are the real heroes and thank you for your courage and selflessness.

During this time we are continuing to help and support all our patients through our emergency service with advice and posting antibiotics, temporary fillings kits and temporary cement packs to whoever requires them.

As always this dedicated emergency service runs from 9.30am to 8pm, 7 days a week. Just call 0121 354 1922 and your call will be diverted to my wife or myself and we will help you through your problem.

We have also been busy trying to support our local community. This has been led by our Practice Manager, Miss Louise Harris. As a Practice we decided to help the most vulnerable in our community, which we identified as nursing homes in the area.

Their main struggles have been having enough personal protective equipment (PPE), and so together we have donated PPE from our own stock, and also managed to source additional PPE which we have donated.

Our team is like a family

Louise has also been busy creating individual ‘care packages’ for each of our team members, and hand delivered them to each member (from a safe distance). Our team is like a family and she wanted to lift everyone’s spirits as this is now the longest time we have not seen each other directly. She did just that and it was a fantastic thing to do. In return my daughters and us, made Louise her own care package too. Please see the video montage of everyone’s reaction at the bottom of this newsletter.

We have now settled into a routine during this “new normal”, starting with PE with Joe at 9am, followed by trying to home-school our 7 and 4 year old daughters, whilst also managing patient emergencies and developing our own skills and knowledge.

We also go out for a nice walk in the late afternoon while the kids ride their bikes. My wife has also been busy cooking everyday and baking over the weekend with the kids, which they love. We have found time to do things we haven’t done ourselves for a while, such as wash the cars and gardening which has been good fun. We have also all received a ‘hair-cut’ from my wife.

We would love to hear your stories and what you have been doing during the lockdown. Please share them with us by replying to this email or posting them on our facebook page.  

Our determination to help is greater than ever

Our determination to help is greater than ever, and our dedicated team continue to ‘check-in’ with our patients. Please remember that once this is over, we will be extending our opening hours to catch up with any missed appointments and dealing with any emergencies that have arisen during this time.

If for whatever reason this is not possible or inappropriate, we will add the “value” of your missed appointment(s) to your account, which can be used as credit against any treatment you may require, whitening or oral hygiene products.

Thank you again for your continued support and understanding during these very different times, and hope more than anything that you, your families, and loved ones are all safe and well.

Please stay safe and together we will get through this.

Best Wishes

Puneet and Sheetal Jain & The Team at Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic

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