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Dr Puneet Jain outside of Sutton Dental showcasing the Sutton Dental Charity donations.

£4,580 to Local Charities

We hope this newsletter finds you well.

Introducing the Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic’s Social Legacy Project

We are proud to announce that we have successfully started our Social Legacy Project at the Practice.

You may recall, that at the launch of our new brand, the Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic, we made a commitment to pledge 1% of the total sales taken at the Practice to local charities, to help those in our local area.

Recent times have been a great reminder that “together we are stronger” and this is something my Wife and I, and the whole team at Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic hold close to our hearts. We have felt for a long time that businesses should have a social responsibility to its local community, and feel very privileged we are now in a position to have started ours.

Impactful Donations: Supporting Local Charities in Challenging Times

We are pleased to announce we have now donated a total of £4,580 since 1st April 2021. This has been given to 2 local charities.

£2,500 has been given to Breast Friends. This is a local charity that helps support patients undergoing cancer treatment. We selected this charity for many reasons. Like many conditions, cancer patients have suffered greatly during the pandemic without being able to access the medical care and support available to them previously. This has often resulted in late diagnosis and a poorer overall prognosis. This charity has also helped to support the mother of one of our team members, Miss Amy Flowers, and therefore it felt natural for us to want to support this charity with it being so close to home.

£2,080 has also been given to the Mental Health Foundation. Again, individuals mental health has been greatly affected during the pandemic, the true effects of which are yet to be fully realised. This foundation has centres across the UK setup to help individuals suffering with a wide range of mental health issues, and again we felt this would be a fantastic cause to support.

Celebrating Milestones: Contributions to Local Charities So Far

We hope this is something that also makes you feel very proud as you have helped us make these contributions. As we have mentioned, this is something we will be doing on a quarter-by-quarter basis and as its linked to the money taken by the Practice, we hope these donations will grow as the Practice continues to grow. The next donation will be made in January and we will of course keep you updated on which charity is selected. We would like to welcome any suggestions anyone may have on which charities we should support in the future, within our local community.

In the meantime please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in the Practice soon!

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