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Grown up teeth straightening

If you are an adult thinking about getting your teeth straightened, chances are you have a few criteria you’d like fulfilled. You’d like your braces not to draw unwanted attention to you as you go about your daily business. You’d like your braces to interfere as little as possible with eating and tooth brushing. And you’d like the treatment not to go on for years and years.

If you’d like all that, then at Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic in Sutton Coldfield, Invisalign is the answer to your needs.

Getting started

If you have never heard of Invisalign in Sutton Coldfield, the best way to find out about it, after you have read this article, is to come in for a consultation with Dr Sheetal Anand. She will make a thorough examination of your teeth, including any x-rays, photos, measurements, and models of your teeth.

All this information goes off to the Invisalign lab, who produce a 3D animation of how your teeth can be moved into alignment and how they will look at the end of your treatment.

Your treatment journey

If you decide to go for it, we then order your aligners and treatment begins about two weeks later. You will need to wear each aligner in a series of 12–48, depending on your alignment issues, for about two weeks before moving on to the next one. At only 0.3 millimetres thick, no one will spot you are wearing Invisalign on your teeth.

Each aligner needs to be worn for at least 20 hours a day for you to stay on track with your treatment, so discipline is required. That said, they can be taken out to eat and to clean your teeth, so you still get to eat your favourite foods. Also, with only smooth plastic in your mouth, your cheeks won’t get rubbed sore.

Generally speaking treatment with Invisalign in Sutton Coldfield takes a year. Once it is complete, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your teeth in place. This can either be a removable retainer to wear at night, or one can be bonded to the backs of your teeth.

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