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As we enter our 5th week in Lockdown we would like to start by thanking you again for your continued support and understanding during these very different times, and hope more than anything that you, your families, and loved ones are all safe and well.

“lockdown has been extended by the government to at least the 7th May”

Since our last newsletter, you will be aware that the lockdown has been extended by the government to at least the 7th May, where it will be reviewed again. The general feeling is that this is likely to be extended again to the end of the May.

Therefore at the time of writing this, the earliest we could reopen is likely to be the end of May, should the lockdown have been lifted. Unfortunately if you have an appointment between now and then, it will be rescheduled. If you haven’t already, you will receive a call from one of our dedicated team members discussing this, and also checking in with you to see if you are well and need any help.

As you can imagine this is a moving goal post and should the lockdown be extended further, or it is not safe to return work, the date to reopen will be pushed back. We of course are eager to reopen as soon as we are allowed and if it is safe to do so.

“We continue to use this time to work behind the scenes”

We continue to use this time to work behind the scenes by updating policies, doing online courses and webinars to sharpen our knowledge and learn new techniques, general housekeeping and doing all the things that we never really have “time to do” to ensure we are ready to focus on you, our patients, once we are open again.

Our dedicated and committed team have now also personally called over 1000 of our patients to ‘check-in’ with them to see if they are well, and if they have any problems or questions. To date we have also helped over a 100 patients with advice on the phone and posting antibiotics, temporary filling kits and temporary cement packs to those that need them.

The positive feedback we continue to receive from yourselves, from email replies to our newsletters, when speaking to you on the phone and comments on our social media posts, continues to be both overwhelming and truly humbling, and gives us increased determination to help where we can.

As always we have our dedicated emergency service running from 9.30am to 8pm, 7 days a week. Just call 0121 354 1922 and your call will be diverted to my wife or myself and we will help you through your problem.

Your support continues to drive us even further in our determination to help you where we can.

Thank you again, and please stay safe.

Together we will get through this.

Best Wishes
Puneet and Sheetal Jain & The Team at Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic

‍To our friends and family of Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic,

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