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Fixed Braces

Braces that can straighten your teeth in just six months

Braces remain one of the best ways to straighten teeth, giving your orthodontist or dentist maximum control over tooth movement and enabling them to predict results efficiently.

At Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic in Sutton Coldfield, we appreciate that while they are excellent tooth-straightening devices, many adult patients won’t be keen to wear obvious metal braces for considerable periods of time. That’s why we offer a great, discreet alternative: Six Month Smiles.

How it works

Six Month Smiles take the design and principles of traditional braces and modify them to create a fast-acting, more comfortable appliance. They are designed primarily to correct cosmetic concerns with the front teeth and are not meant for patients who need major orthodontic treatment.

If you fall into this latter category do not panic, we have a number of other discreet orthodontic treatment options available at our Sutton Coldfield dental practice.

While Six Month Smiles are designed like traditional braces, comprising wires and brackets, the brackets are clear and the nickel titanium wires are tooth-coloured, meaning that they will blend in with the natural shade of your teeth.

When you come to our Sutton Coldfield dental practice for a Six Month Smiles consultation, your dentist will examine you and decide if this is the best treatment option. Your braces are custom-made to fit your mouth exactly, and because they use lower forces than standard orthodontic devices, many patients also report that they are more comfortable.

Six Month Smiles work so quickly because they focus on the front six to eight teeth – those that are visible when you smile. They gently guide them into a new position.

At the end of treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to stop your teeth moving back to their original position. At our Sutton Coldfield practice we offer bonded and removable discreet retainers.

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